Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paris Belongs to Us. 1961.

I went to the Moma today to see this film by Jacques Rivette because it was a missing link in my French New Wave box of movies and I saw it for free. Sadly I really hated it, watching it was like having 12 inch nails hammered into my head. The silliness of the film shocked me, here is what the plot of this long movie was about. Some pseudo intellectual Bohemian dull young French things hang out with each other, and one of them a Spanish musician turns up dead, was it murder or a suicide?  The New Wavers really liked their dull young French things, see for instance some of Chabrol's bad early films and in fact he makes a cameo appearance as one of the guests at the party which sets the film in motion. A young woman, played by the very annoying Betty Schneider is pulled into this circle by her brother and becomes entangled with them.  A New Wave mystery. On the way to nowhere she takes part in a ridiculous inept production of Pericles and gets all hot with the director who might just be next to turn up dead. There are hints at some kind of big world wide conspiracy (we never find out what this conspiracy is) and I finally decided I could give a shit what it was anyway. I was just relieved when this pretentious piece of crap was over and I could remove the nails from my head. The notion that anyone would find this film even remotely interesting or compelling is beyond me. 


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