Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Manhandled. 1924.

I saw this silent movie yesterday at the Moma. It was directed by Allan Dwan and stared Gloria Swanson. Its not much of movie running about 77 minutes, but it was interesting to see just how marvelous Swanson was. Today she's probably best known for her great performance in Sunset Boulevard, but she was a huge star of silent films making her first film in 1914 she was also the mistress of Joseph P. Kennedy and was married many times . The best part of the film comes early as Swanson as a poor working girl slaving away in the bargain basement of a department store, makes her way home on the subway. There was also live musical accompaniment by some guy playing a small organ, very nice. As much as I bitch the Moma, having an artist pass for $50.00 a year is great, and I really get my money's worth.


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