Thursday, April 25, 2013

The String 2009

In the String  Claudia Cardinale at age 72 plays the mother of a good looking young architect who returns home from France to his upper class home in Tunisia to come to grips with the death of his father and to sort out his homosexuality with himself and his mother. This is a decent little film that has a feel good feel to it, obvious symbolism ie the the title of the film is brought into focus a little too often and a very attractive cast including a happy lesbian couple, and accepting family members. The son soon becomes involved with the very handsome and hunky displaced young Arabic houseboy who is working for Cardinale for room and board and they get caught after the fact of their sexual act by Claudia who at first freaks out but is soon open and receptive to her son’s gayness. Sort of a fairy (no pun intended) tale but it does no harm, and the reason I got it from Netflix was because  I was curious to see how Cardinale has aged. Well at first it was a shock to see her, I mean she was one of the most beautiful young actresses in the International cinema of the 60’s and here in front of  me was this aged over botoxed woman drastically  hanging on to youth and beauty by a string.  Finally her inner beauty started to come through for me and my shock changed to pure admiration and joy that she had the guts to go before the camera and that I still had the pleasure of having this impressive rare beauty before me to enjoy and admire.   


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