Thursday, April 18, 2013


Saw the John Singer Sargent watercolor show at the Brooklyn Museum yesterday and its packing them in. Way too many people to my liking, I simply hate looking at art this way, especially when the work is small and intimate.
The painting illustrated was my favorite one in the show. The caption read something like "the model was one of his favorites and he used him in several other paintings." I prefer his portraits to these watercolors of boats. Venice and gardens. They're just a little too precious for me. My heart and soul and interests were over in Europe where the impressionists, post impressionists and Picasso were doing their magic. I also prefer the Americans of the Ashcan school. The watercolors are pretty no doubt about that, but they really didn't interest me much. Still judging by the crowds he has many fans and the show will be one of the big hits of the season.


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