Friday, February 24, 2012

American Folk Art Museum

After viewing the silent film promo show at Lincoln Center yesterday I went across the street to the American Folk Art Museum, which really isn't much of a museum if one goes by the size of the place. I'm really appalled that this wonderful resource lost it's building on 53rd st. recently and is going to taken over by the Behemoth MOMA which seems to be swallowing up blocks of the city left and right. This is a shame that this museum is no longer there and now only exists in its original cramped space near Lincoln Center. That being said, there is a lovely show up there now picked from their amazing collection called "Jubilation, Rumination Life: Real and imagined with works by many favorites of mine including Henry Darger, Martin Raminez, Bill Traylor whose work can make me cry, Joseph Yokum (I once had two of his great drawings), William Hawkins and many others. So yes I'm pissed that this great museum can only show a small part of its collection but glad that at least we this space for them to wow us. This exhibit is on view until Sept 2, and admission is free of charge.


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