Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Birth Of Promotion. Inventing Film Publicity in The Silent Film Era

Got to this show at The New York Public Library For The Performing Arts just under the wire as it's closing very soon. Its a very lovely installation as you could tell from the photos I've posted and the show was  full of posters, lobby cards, pressbooks, sheet music, photos and programs, and some really nice star promo material like the Colleen Moore cosmetics and the Chaplin doll. Some of the matting of the pieces was odd, and annoying as they cut off some of the images, it was as if they had the mats laying around and used the material to fit into the mats, a small annoyance considering the thought and curatorial finesse that went into the show. They do really nice shows at the Lincoln Center Library For The Performing arts, and I was the only one viewing the exhibition. They always do nice fold over programs which they give out for free, and the one for this show was no exception. It was a large 4pg. foldover that imitated the pressbooks of the period. I also stopped in at the American Folk Art Museum but I'll save that for another day, however, both shows were free.


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