Saturday, November 29, 2008


Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint climbing Mt. Rushmore in North by Northwest
The runaway carousel in Strangers on a Train
Prom night in Carrie.
What am I? A bowl of fruit? A tangerine that peels in a minute? The great Barbara Nichols to Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success.
Doris day going hysterical when James Stewart tells her her son has been kidnapped in The Man who Knew Too Much
The last scene of John Wayne walking out of the cabin and away from his past in The Searchers
The shower scene from Psycho
The children in the rowboat floating down the river as in a Grimm fairytale from Night of the Hunter
Nicholson chasing his son through the maze at the end of The Shining

The last scene from I Am a Fugitive From a ChainGang. Girlfriend asks Paul Muni "how will you live "I steal" as he disappears into the darkness.
James Cagney's homecoming in The Public Enemy. Wrapped like a mummy and falling to the floor dead when his brother opens the door.
James Cagney again White Heat the last scene Top of the world ma, as his world blows up around him
Cagey again in White Heat hearing about his mother's death in the prison dinning room and going berserk
Edward G. Robinson's death scene in Little Caesar: “Mother of mercy, is this the end of Rico”?
Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray's outrageous sexual banter back and forth in Double Indemnity
Bogart to Mary Astor "you’re good you’re very good" in the Maltese Falcon
Bogart and Hepburn battling the leeches in The African Queen
Bette Davis in All About Eve. “Fasten your seat belts…its going to be a bumpy night!'
Brando and Rod Steiger in the back seat of the cab “I coulda been a contender Charlie”
Agnes Moorhead's hysterical breakdowns on the stairs and in the kitchen-The Magnificent Ambersons
Seen through a window the young Charles Foster Kane playing in the snow while his mother Agnes Moorhead makes arrangements to send him away in Citizen Kane.
The fun house sequence at the end of The Lady from Shanghai
Tipp Hendrix on the phone in the background speaking to her new lover Rod Taylor while in the foreground ex lover Suzanne Pleshette smokes a cigarette better than anyone ever did in The Birds
Barbara Stanwyck tripping henry Fonda in The Lady Eve
Again in The Lady Eve Henry Fonda to Barbara Stanwyck "snakes are my life" "what a life" replies Sandwyck
Betty Hutton's wild night out with the entire military service in TheMiracle of Morgan's creek
Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken attempting to get a wedding license in The Miracle of Morgan's creek
Kim Novak and William Holden dancing at the picnic in Picnic, the most sexual moment in an American film of the 1950's
Yvonne de Carlo doing the Hot rumba with a young, unbilled and unknown Tony Curtis in Criss Cross, two ripe beautiful young things at their peak of their beauty and sexuality.
Edward G. Robinson whispering a lurid remark in Lauren Bacall's ear in Key Largo
Claire Trevor's sad bad singing for a drink in Key Largo
James Stewart’s Saul Bass designed nightmare in Vertigo
Alida Valli's real time long walk out of the cemetery at the end of The Third Man, walking past the man who loved her but paying him no mind.


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