Saturday, January 18, 2020

Joker 2019

Meanwhile back at the ranch I just sat through the worst film of the year, which may very well be the worst film of my life. Gee I guess he hated it, you're all thinking, well hate is too light a term to describe my distaste and disgust I felt watching this garbage. Taking place in some hell hole of a city (it looks like a mixture of Philiadelphia, Newark and maybe San Francisco) that is called Gotham as we all know and is a stand in for the bad old dirty days when New York was marked striked and put upon by everyone. Badly directed and jammed with all of the Batman references that have been battered into our collective minds for the last 40 or so years, this Joker and acted with anger and craziness by Joaquin Phoenix who will probably win an Oscar for this shit. Ok ok he does some nice dance moves and twisty things with his skinny extreme weight loss Christian Bale body but so what. What a dreadful year for acting if him and the equally dreadful Rene Zegweller wins for her joker performance as "Judy". The film also features Robert DeNiro and Frances Conroy both miserable and (spoiler alert) murdered by Joker. We have all been murdered by this joke of a movie. This is a standard juvenile stab at our society without any art or substance, with a few sly references to the orange joker, you know the fat one who is crumbling in front of our eyes. There are so many brutal and shocking things in this film that seem to be in the film just to be brutal and shocking. As Agee would have said "Unclean unclean. To be avoided at all costs.


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