Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Witness 2015

I had just turned 17, living in Brooklyn with my family when this horrible story broke, and it truly affected me in a bad way. Now I finally caught up with the riveting documentary about the murder of Kitty Genovese, made and featuring her brother Bill who lost both legs in Viet Nam but this doesn't stop him from having a full life and determined to find out the truth about the murder of his older sister. This is a painful story and film, but it is as I said it is riveting and compelling as Bill follows leads and interviews still living witnesses as he tries to uncover what really happened. There are no heroes and one villain, the murderer of Kitty. It also finally comes out (no pun intended) that Kitty was lesbian and was living with her lover, who is interviewed but not shown, and there are no judgments about Kitty's closeted life, it was the early 60's after all. Kitty's father did manage to "kidnap" the dog that Killy and her lover owned and there is a touching moment when bill apologizes to her lover for what his father did. Not an easy film to sit through but I highly recommend it.


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