Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elizabeth Murray Painting In The 80's Pace Gallery

I'm glad I got to see this magnificent show before it closes on Jan. 13 and urge anyone interested in "painting" to see it. I wasn't expecting to be so impressed and moved by these large twisty works, they took me by surprise, and I haven't stopped thinking about them since this cold afternoon when I entered the Pace Gallery on 25th street. These are works by the late artist from the 1980's that are loopy and cartoony in places, but are also about paint, shape, texture, and depth among other things that we sometimes are lucky to see and feel in the work of a superb artist, and Murray was surely superb. The works are very large, larger than I was expecting and each work is shaped and stand out from the wall in aggressive but lovely ways. They are also very organic, biomorphic and sometimes sci-fi in their abstract imagery and the use acidity colors. They are tangy and beautiful, touching and humorous, and also sad because of the fact that Murray died young. There is also her beautiful feel for her materials, her use of paint, her brush strokes and her imagination with her surfaces and how she makes her pieces seem like they are moving and move us. One of the best exhibitions of 2017


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