Friday, September 15, 2017

weak and overrated Kara Walker

Weak and overrated still. I'm sorry but I saw this show today and was as I always am with her stuff underwhelmed. And I could care less what Roberta and Jerry think or all those gee whizz ain't she just swell fools who were gawking and swooning over these weak inconsequential pieces of crap. Lady learn to draw and stop coasting on your inflated reputation. These drawings are not important, oh sure they're big, so in the eyes of many that makes them special and worthy. Give her another McArthur and a couple guggenheim grants, I'm sure she can use the money. Compare these pieces of shit to really great drawings and you will see how pathetic they are. I am sick of the hype, sick of mediocrity sick of the New York fucking art world. Empty art fills my soul with grief.


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