Friday, July 28, 2017

Japanese Bamboo Art & Irving. The Met Museum

Saw this stunning show today at the Met, which thrilled me in spite of the muggy weather. Beautifully installed in the roomy Asian wing where you can get away from the crowds and just relish the beauty of these works of art. Here we have objects that are magical and amazing and made from bamboo that is twisted and gently turned. Most of the pieces were made to be useful to hold things, to display flowers, to carry and set on tables in sublime rooms. As a sculptor these really interested me in their colors and intricate designs and forms. I loved this show so think about going. I wish I had better thoughts on the Irving Penn show that is coming to an end in a day or so. Installed in a cramped way in small galleries, some one kinder might say intimately installed but I was uncomfortable surrounded by all the admiring crowds hemming and hawing and snap snap snapping those goddamn smart phone photos of the photos. These images were originally done for magazines and that's how they should be seen not on walls entombed in a museum that more and more is actually turning into a fashion magazine. They're pretty yes, and all those photos of famous people, isn't that so and so, why yes it is Mary. And was it even possible to take a bad photo of Picasso or Duchamp? I doubt it. Sorry Irving but I'm just not into pretty photos of pretty women wearing nice clothes that were expensive even back in the 50's, these are not my kind of photos, I was bored by them, they all looked the same, they didn't make me want to rush back home and make art, or even take photos. Pretty pretty. You have a day left to see this show.


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