Saturday, June 24, 2017

Days Without End

Just finished this novel today by Sebastian Barry and it is a memorable story beautifully written about two young men who meet in the wicked west before the civil war. Teens when they meet they become cross dressers in a mining town which for a living they dance with the men of the town. They fall in love and spend their lives together winding up in fighting in several wars including the Civil one which is told in brutal descriptions. One of the young men takes to dressing as a woman more and more and they even get married. The twists and turns are many and the author creates a vivid landscape of the 19th century frontier. The sex is there but is as lyrical and brief as the many storms and traumas that they face "and then we quietly fucked and then we slept" pretty much sums it up. The language is plain yet poetic and the passing characters and scenes stay with you. This would make one hell of a film if the right director took it on.


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