Friday, May 19, 2017

The Witness For The Prosecution 2016

No this is not your Billy Wilder version but a British tv movie that is based on the original short story that ran for a mere 20pgs. or so. I found it at my library and it will jangle the loose change in your pockets, and make your foot tap nervously, in other words its terrific. Set in the early 20's and lavishly produced and beautifully filmed it is still holds much of the story including the twists and turns but includes some new ones and is also much nastier and darker than the Wilder version. There is no humor and banting here, just plain old nasty and grim. The main characters are also true to the original source and will surprise you in what is left out. Even if you know the outcome and what comes before that outcome you will still be enthralled with it. Most of the cast was unknown to me, all the better but Toby Jones and the wonderful Kim Cattrall are there in this murky misty version. Made by the same people who did the very good Then There Were None a few years back with another top screenplay by Sarah Phelps and smooth direction by Julian Jarrold. This is one to see.


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