Thursday, April 20, 2017


I went yesterday to the newly reopened Quad Theatre in the village to see Terrence Davie's new bio on Emily Dickinson (maybe more on the film later on). The theatre still is made up of 4 small theatres, they call them high end private screening rooms, and I had my problems with them. First of all the seats are too low and not very comfortable I don't care if they are imported from Norway. I had to sit on my jacket to reach the proper level comfortable for me. The big big no no with the theatre I was in is that the red exit sign is too close to the screen (as you can see from the photo) and gives off a red glowing band on the right side of the screen including when the film was playing. This is very bad and took away from my enjoyment of the film, especially during the dark scenes. I can't imagine any filmmaker being happy with seeing their film this way. The ticket prices are also high $15.00 with 12.00 for seniors. They also have a bar and a really nice give away program that is elegant and very expensive looking. I was told that they would be doing these little 36pg. full color numbers every month, which I don't see how they can afford to do this every month. I sent them an email with my complaints but surprise I have not heard back.


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