Wednesday, January 25, 2017

London Spy 2015

I came across this 5 part British mini-series the other day at my local public library, and can easily recommend it. I don't think this was shown on pbs because of the naughty language and the brief sexual scene between two men but I may be wrong. The premise is this. Two attractive young men meet by chance on an early morning in London and start a deep relationship. That's all I'm saying because any more would take away the fun you might or should have watching this twisty complex thriller. The cast is very good: Ben Whishaw who continues to be one of the best young actors around, the great and I mean great Jim Broadbent as his mentor, protector and friend, Charlotte Rampling and a young actor I've not seen before Edward Holcroft who is strikingly handsome. It does in my opinion fall apart in the last episode but for most of its running time its a highly enjoyable film. This one is perfect for a dark and nasty winter night of our souls.


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