Thursday, October 13, 2016

strange day

Strange day. I found myself at Coney Island today. I woke up and said I have to go to Coney Island. So there I was like walking in a waking dream. The Coney of my youth is of course long gone but for some reason I felt like going there today. It was a beautiful day, pleasantly warm, cool breezes, not too many people, and I took lots of photos that I will be posting down the road. When I got back I looked through my favorite book on Coney by Charles Denson who grew up there and took 100's of photos of the place as a kid, and I turned to what he had to say about Steeplechase my beloved Victorian treasure chest of my childhood.

I knew that Fred Trump had deviously bought the park and then destroyed it, and that his son the evil donald has gone on to his own destructive ways and here's a bit of what Charles said.

"When that idea failed (he's talking about Trump's failed plan to get the city to change the zoning) he sought revenge. trump known as a ruthless businessman, realized that there was a chance Steeplechase might be landmarked so he decided to demolish the park. With the park gone the city would be more receptive to a zoning change.

Trump mailed out engraved invitations to a party on September 21, 1966 celebrating the demolition of Steeplechase . He offered bricks to guests to throw through the funny face painted on the windows and many of the guests obliged. most guests remember the event as a disgusting display."

A disgusting display is what we have been seeing from his son for a long time, but I have great faith that this display will soon be over, and this evil vile sub human will soon be gone from our lives. The rotten acorn has not fallen far from the rotten tree. (Me in front of Steeplechase park.


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