Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ingrid Bergman in her own words 2015.

If you love and adore the most wonderful Ingrid, then this documentary is for you. Since I love and adored her, I pretty much had a lovely time with this movie that is nice and rich with terrific footage of her young and later on in her life, but unfortunately doesn't shed much light on her fascinating and sadly short (she died at 67) life. All the marriages are here and some of the affairs, most notably with the great photographer Robert Capa. There are also interviews with her children including the three from Rossellini and Pia Lindström who I grew up watching on my local cbs news having no notion of her connection to Bergman. What the documentary made me want was to watch a Bergman movie. My God was she beautiful, simply gorgeous and to see her in the many home movies where she is not wearing any make up attests to her loveliness. There is of course stuff on her controversial relationship and marriage to the great Italian neo realist Roberto Rossellini, and we now can finally recognize just how good their collaborations were. Check out Vovage to Italy, Europa 51 or Stromboli if you don't believe me. There's scant material and footage on her great Hollywood career, no clips from Gaslight, or most of the other films, and there is a quick hello to Casablanca. No mention or footage is shown of her winning her third Oscar for Murder On The Orient Express and her generous and gracious nod to fellow nominee that year Valentina Cortese, who Ingrid thought should have won the Oscar for Day For Night and said so in her acceptance speech, you can see it on Youtube. But there is the lovely moment of Cary Grant accepting her Oscar for Anastasia in 1957. Ah Ingrid.


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