Sunday, July 17, 2016

Two clowns

Just watched these two clowns on 60 minutes. How anyone in their right minds could ever ever vote for these two piles of dung is beyond me. Seeing trump up close reveals his orange face even more clearly. More horror how did we get to this? What kind of a place is this? Pence comes off as Trumps dummy, his punk, his gunsel. And Leslie Stahl came off as weak and foolish. Man she needs to be replaced she did ask some tough questions, but nothing on gay rights which the right wing Pence stands against, and she allowed Trump to walk all over her, all along keeping that stupid smile on her mug, maybe her idea was to let these two pigs hang themselves, but that is not enough. Trump gave his usual sound bites the usual shtick that Clinton will shove it back to him in a debate. These two creeps need to be taken on by a tough reporter, I would love to see Chris Cuomo, George Stephanopoulos, or Anderson Cooper take them on. I'm disgusted with my country.


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