Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mad Max Fury Road 2015

             I must say that I am surprised over all the love and awards being thrown at Max this awards season,  who would have thought it possible. I saw it last night and although hardly (pun intended) terrible I would never pick it out for best picture honors. True its not been a great year in film, and somewhere I think that the carrying on the shoulders of this film might also be a backlash against the mediocre "Spotlight" that at one point seemed destined to win all the awards this year. It ain't happening and maybe I'm not the only person in the world that couldn't stand the film. I would much rather watch the sublime Tom Hardy attached to the front of a erector set like vehicle looking like a strange hood ornament then watch Michael Keaton sitting behind a desk.
            We all know the story of Mad Max and his survival among the fittest in an apocalyptic world run and ruined by ferocious bands of scavengers and mongers of all sorts. In this newly minted version Max is back and when we first see him his good looking face is masked in a iron clad mask and chained to the front of that vehicle. The world is a mess and a wasteland and the same can also be said of the movie which is basically two wild bookended chase sequences across the desert by the villain who controls the water and gas supplies and the “good” guys and gals. He also wants his women back, especially the one carrying his child who have been rescued by Charlize Theron a rebel fighter with a nice butch hair do and one arm, who does amazing things with that one limb.
                 The film itself is not that violent and gruesome, with most of the more hideous stuff happening off screen and is of the comic book cartoon variety and this might also be one of the reasons for its appeal among the award voters. It is also topical and somewhat political especially with what’s going on in the world and it shakes rattles and rolls for it’s nearly two hour running time. Boring it ain’t. I should say that there are some vivid images, a landscape in the desert is actually a man buried in the sand who slowly rises, night scenes that are inky blue and all those strange assemblages that are moving and racing vehicles not to mention all those freaky looking nasties dressed in fashions dragged from some flea market in hell. So come February we might very well see this apocalyptic sci fi thriller walk off with a best picture Oscar, hell worse films have done so in the past. Anyone for “Crash.”


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