Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fields Of Dream. The Surrealist Landscape. Di Donna Gallery.

Located in the Hotel Caryle which alone makes this a surreal treat, and make sure to note the portrait of Bobby Short in the lobby before taking the stairs up to the gallery. However this is a first rate show jam packed with some great stuff by so many wonderful artists that it made my head spin a little bit and I liked the sound my sneakers made on the nice wooden floors, something you don't get in the Chelsea galleries with their boring concrete floors. I was in this neck of the woods to see the H.C. Westermann show, (much more on that later on), and decided to take in this show and also Bacon's later paintings at Gagosian. Now talk about surreal, this gallery is out of someplace that I don't care to be, especially since it was jam packed with the a la 1% all dressed up in some mighty silly clothes and rearing to go. I was uncomfortable for sure, and looked at these very great late paintings of his along with their stares. No doubt they were thinking "who the fuck is this guy" and what is he doing in our country of Madison off Park. I then took a quick look at the overrated Georg Baselitz's latest lazy crappy ink drawings that he has the nerve to say he was inspired by Hakusai. Bite your tongue Georg. Why anyone would ever want to own one of these is beyond me but if you got lots of moola to burn and no taste I guess these would look ok on their bathroom walls, personally I would like to piss on them, and believe me it would be a great big improvement on them. I was soon out of there 1,2, 3.


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