Sunday, May 17, 2015

My own private heart attack

Well i did indeed have myself my own private heart attack. I back in my apartment now after five days of being in the care of Lutheran Hospital (this was where my mom died in 1994 a few days before christmas, her spirit was there with me during what was without a doubt the worst experience of my life. I finally got myself to the er. taking the subway there if you could imagine such a thing, and the minute I said heart attack, they were on me and the ekg's the first of many began. It turned out that I was indeed having a heart attack, this was probably the cause of my falling down, and beaking my nose (yes my nose is broken) and very fast a stendt was placed via by wrist by a very nice young Italian doctor who reminded me a little of an older john saxon. The rest is pretty surreal and blurry, the not sleeping because of the all the time tests, the crazy stop and go dreams, not being able to shower, but finally getting a toothbush and foul tasting taste paste, and yes the horrible food that will be with me forever. But I slowly walking and not feeling very bad or dizzy I actually went to dr to get the prescriptions filled that I think will be with me also for the rest of my life. I should say the most of the doctors and many of the nurses were just wonderful and that will also stay with me. One of my favorites was a "black" woman I use the term black because I don't know where she came from, who was feisty and tough who would badger you at 4 in the morning to give her the right arm, breath deeply so she could do the blood pressure machine, and to put the thermometer under the tongue under the tongue, and then break out humming in what might be one of the most beautiful voice I ever heard. When I told her so she barely gave a thank you and went on down the hall pushing her blood pressure monitor and humming her song. The photo is of me and my dear friend Lee who was in L.A. when all this was happenig. I am of course  the one on the right.
to be continued.


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