Thursday, July 17, 2014

RM Fischer B2OA.

Ira Joel Haber's photo.Easily the best show on now in Chelsea (and maybe the whole city) is this marvelous show of strange, beautiful and charming sculptures and assemblages by RM Fischer. He titles the show "Life Force" which brings to mind things that you might find in a sci-fi movie or a children's pop up book , and indeed these wonderful little critters do seem to have a life force of their own. They seem right at home in this compact and intimate space, and its a good fit, this basement gallery that is like an underground wonderland, a magical workshop. Step down into this space and enter Fischer's childlike world where his creations are attached to the walls standing on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. These are dolls and puppets, abstract and figurative all intimate in scale and tactile, I wanted to hug them to my chest and pat them on their heads. Made of everything and beautifully made, they' re sewn and stitched twisted with wire and metals with nice touches of colorful fabrics and what not attached to their bodies. This is a special show.
Ira Joel Haber's photo.
Ira Joel Haber's photo.
Ira Joel Haber's photo.


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