Friday, June 27, 2014

Garry Winogrand The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

For me this might be the show of the summer. Winogrand who died young at age 56 is one of my favorite picture takers, and one of the great photographers of mid 20th Century. This show gives us the chance to view 175 of his wonderful photographs of people in the streets, at play, walking, dancing, stunning images of ordinary life made extraordinary by his eye with a big chunk of his images taken in New York City in the late 50's and 60's.There is also documentation and nostalgia of and for this city of mine in these moments in time that no longer exists, that goes hand in hand with the beauty of his pictures. He also worked out west, in L.A. Texas and Las Vegas, but for me he'll always be a New York City street artist. Do you not know his work?  Well then you should take the Lexington Ave line to 86th street and walk on over to the Met and check out his lasting and moving work, and try to ignore the ladies who park themselves in front of his images, just standing there, blocking my view, not looking at the photographs because they're ,  too busy talking about their grandkids and where to go for lunch in way too loud voices as if they were on their cell phones, intruding on my silent conversation with the art. Why do they even bother coming. Stay home yentas and watch your soaps. This stunning exhibition of this great photographer's work  will be on view until Sept.


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