Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oscar Murillo at David Zwirner.

Gee free lousy candy can be yours for the taking at this, (I don't even know what it was) but I'll call it an event since its hardly an exhibition by the Art World Candy Boy of the moment Oscar Murillo who instead of showing some of his paintings has reproduced a candy making factory from his home town in Colombia right in the gallery. How far out is that!  What was Zwirner thinking? Maybe he ate too many of these gooey disgusting marshmallows covered in chocolate, (yes I tried one) and all that sugar made him loose  all sense of judgment. This is without a doubt the worst show I've seen so far this year and this guy makes someone like Dan Colen seem like a genius. When I went to the gallery the happy workers were no where to be seen,  the chocolate candy machines were quiet, no videos were running  and the gallery was empty except for myself and one other person  who made the poor gallerista turn blue with all the questions he was asking her about this stuff.  I also had questions: like why was I even here giving this junk my time.  It did raise all sorts of political and economic issues for me, like how much were these "workers" getting paid and does Murillo really think that this crap is going to start conversations about migration? At the David Zwirner Gallery no less? How about a conversation about the Colombian drug cartels while we're at it. To be fair there were a few small ghastly sculptures consisting of Dom Perignon bottles from the Jeff Koons limited edition that Murillo has altered with bad drawings and some hideous sculptures made from chocolate that has been melted and mixed with tennis balls and plastic bottles. The candy packages have been designed by him and have smiley faces on them and the slogan "Have A Nice Day" and  I was not amused, this is sad depressing work.  I would have loved it if the gallery had a video running of Lucy and Ethel from their candy making episode, now that would have been fun. Again to be fair I haven't seen any of his "hot hyped"  paintings but after this mess I'm certainly not looking forward to seeing them. Unclean unclean.  


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