Friday, December 27, 2013

3 movies

I don't know what all this talk about 2013 being such a great year for movies. I just saw three well received touted films Frances Ha, The Bling Ring and Inside Llewyn Davis and none really made me want to jump up and down. They all have some good things in them to be sure, but the characters in all three are so unlikeable to be almost committable (and some are indeed locked up). The Bling Ring has a few stunning sequences all of which involve the robbing of celebrities homes, one ransacking is shot from a distance in the Hollywood Hills and you can see the looting taking place from afar, its like a shadow play very pretty Sophia, and emma watson continues to amaze. Frances Ha played by Greta Gerwig quickly wears out her welcome, Man what a drag she is. The film is attractive in black and white but why should I care about these spoiled 20 somethings and the same is true about Llewyn Davis, I'm sorry but the supposed charm of this film escapes me. True its like a short story and the period is done nicely especially the muted pastel colors (I actually thought this was in black and white also) but again Llewyn is a drag, and John Goodman continues to amaze.


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