Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jack Goldstein at The Jewish Museum

Wow talk about your emperor's without clothes, this show that was originally scheduled for The Museum Of Contemporary Art in L.A. but was canceled by the new and controversial director Jeffrey Deitch (good move Jeffrey) has now arrived in all in its boring glory at The Jewish Museum. Why this work is being given any attention is beyond me, maybe because he killed himself or because he was a Jewish druggie, or because to some like the New York Times art critic Karen Rosenberg, this dreck is hip and cool, smart and brilliant. Am I being to hard on this show, maybe but there is to my mind not one compelling or intriguing piece in this entire dismal exhibit to warrant one minute of viewing time. Much has been made of his little movies, I caught one or two of them today, and I quickly moved on. And what about his so called paintings. These are large photographic like images of "spooky" sci-fi like scenes that are smooth and without any entrance point for anyone to enter. They're like those generic things that hang in motels or other public spaces giving off their vapid nothingness. The show ends with a display of his text based digital work that consist of 17 volumes that are supposedly his autobiography, but since we are only shown the covers and a few examples of his ordinary looking "digitally dull drawings there is no way for us to know if this "autobiography" by this inflated 80's art star has anything to say to us or as the pompously written hand out says is "a disjointed and incomplete narrative, ultimately cryptic." You can cut the hype with a knife, and easily one of the worst exhibitions of 2013 and its only May.


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