Saturday, January 12, 2013


Saw Zero Dark Thirty today at the Bam (Brooklyn Academy of Music)  for free because of the break down of the  Django Unchained print 2 weeks ago. They gave everyone in the audience a free pass for any movie of our choice which was really nice of them. It was in the big theatre and was packed. I liked it well enough, didn't love it. Its hardly a lovable film, but it is beautifully put together and holds your attention for 157 minutes, and what is it with these very long films of late. If Hollywood is going to continue on this road how about bringing back intermissions, I thought my bladder would burst. I don't think its going to do well at the Oscars though, the failure of Kathryn Bigelow to get a director nom does not bode well for it. Jessica Chastain is fine but I would never give her a best actress award for this. The last 30 minutes are the most reverting even though we know how its going to end, its was seeing the grittiness of it that was most effective. Also the large supporting cast was good, mostly unknown to me yet somewhat familiar faces mostly recalled from television.


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