Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lucio Fontana at the Gagosian Gallery. May-June 2012

This is a superb exhibition of the important Italian artist who might not be so well known in this country. His most famous works are probably his slashed and lacerated canvases, and they are well represented here, but there is much more in this marvelous show. The only things that I didn't care for were the Ambienti Spaziali  which are environments that play with light and which the gallery has lovingly reconstructed. In order to view them you have to enter small black rooms which turned me off immediately because of my claustrophobia and my trepidation made me stay clear of them after I had ventured into one, and besides I haven't been in any small black rooms since 1984, and I wasn't about to start going into them at this late date. Otherwise I was completely spellbound by his work and was surprised by what a wonderful an artist he was, because quite frankly I haven't given Mr. Fontana much thought in all my years as an artist. This is easily one of the best shows I have seen in 2012.


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