Thursday, June 16, 2011

The backlash begins

So I’m at my neighborhood post office this afternoon, shipping a book when this old shriveled up Bay Ridge bitch a few people in front of me on the line starts ranting in a loud voice about Governor Cuomo and how awful it is that we now have gay marriage in the state. I immediately told her "to shut the fuck up" (I ...think I said fuck) and "I don’t want to hear her hate talk in a public place, keep your stupid opinion to yourself", I believe I also called her an idiot. “It’s a desecration against marriage" the old biddy said. I told her "she was a desecration against humanity." Then this fat blob in front of me, told me to have some respect. I laughed in his face, respect why should I have respect for this hateful person. “Because she’s a woman and she’s old "the dope replied. He also had a cane and said that I was lucky she wasn’t a relative of his, because he would take me outside and beat me up. We yelled back and forth a little bit more, and everyone else on the line was very quiet. No doubt they all agreed with her, after all I live in a very conservative part of Brooklyn.


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