Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hollywood Gays

Reading "Hollywood Gays" by Boze Hadleigh. I just finished his interview with Cesar Romero and some of the tidbits that he or Romero dropped are that Romero's great love was Tyrone Power, and they were lovers for many years, That Von Sternberg was homophobic and probably cut down his part in Devil Is A Woman when he learned that Romero was gay, that he had a one time sex encounter with Desi Arnez, that both John Huston and Clark Gable each killed a woman in car accidents, and got away with it, that Audie Murphy and Fernando Lamas were both bi-sexual, that Raymond Burr lived with his male lover for over 30 years, that Hedda Hopper a notorious homophobe's son William was gay, that Carole Landis was bi-sexual and her lovers included Martha Raye and Jacqueline Susann who based the Sharon Tate character in Valley of The Dolls on Landis and that Romero believed that Carmen Miranda was a lesbian. More to follow.


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