Saturday, February 26, 2011


My Painting on paper that I did many moons ago, has been selected for Broadsided's switcheroo in which poets are asked to write a poem based or inspired by my painting. I'm delighted to have been chosen, and look forward to seeing the results. You can view more info. on this at the link




Writing Wanted

Writers, it's time for Broadsided's annual Switcheroo. April is National Poetry Month, and we can think of nothing better than to ask YOU to write poems.
Respond to the visual piece below in poetry, fiction, or prose. Your response need not be literal—you may take off in any tangent the work suggests. However, the art and writing must, together, work to create a greater piece.
Browse the past Switcheroos (right) to get a sense of the relationship between art and literature that we are hunting for.
Deadline: Work must be sent to "" with "Switcheroo" in the subject line by April 10, 2011. Only one response per entrant, please. Our usual guidelines for length etc. apply.
The editors will read all submissions, and the winning entry will be published on May 1, 2011 as a Broadsided collaboration.


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