Monday, January 10, 2011

The King's Speech 2010

This is a charming gooey and moist fruit cake of a movie. It’s another masterpiece theatre like ride down the British royalty road that Americans love to take, and this time the take is on the stuttering Birdie better known as Prince Albert and his problems with speaking before the public. Birdie who will become King George VI right before the credits roll is played with superb fineness by Colin Firth who will absolutely positively win the Oscar this coming February. Also in the fine cast is Geoffrey Rush as his unorthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue, Helena Bonham Carter as his loyal, loving and witty wife Elizabeth, and a host of marvelous British actors and actresses. I must say that I was most taken with Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII and Eve Best as his lady love the multi divorced American Wallis Simpson and I would love to see a film made about that dangerous pair. The film is of course impeccably dressed, set and coiffed with just a hint of the usual wax work feel that is a given with these sort of films, oh look isn’t that Winston Churchill. Still I’m pleased to see that an intelligent yet entertaining film is doing well at the box office (the afternoon show that I went to was sold out) and I can easily recommend it.


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