Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's Not Go To The Movies

I’ve pretty much stopped going to the movies for several reasons, the cost of a ticket is one, but more important are the rude audiences. You know the jerks whose cell phones ring in the middle of the film, even though they have been told either by announcement or by a visual sign before the movie starts, they still do...n’t turn them off. Anyway the worse offenders to me are the jerks who talk through the film. They are usually sitting right behind me, and the minute the movie starts these pieces of shit start the talking or whispering back and forth never aware that they are annoying the people around them and that they are not in their living rooms watching t.v. . Today at the Bam during the social network I had such a couple behind me, who the minute the film started the whispering began (which can be just as annoying as regular talking) back and forth. I admit I’m a stickler for silence when I watch a film, that’s just the way I am, and I have had numerous encounters with cell phone pigs and talkers during the many years that I have been going to the movies. I usually expect bad behavior at the cineplexes and avoid them like the plague, instead I usually go to the BAM or some cramped art house. Movies have been ruined for me by these creeps, and I can recall specific incidents of bad moving going to this day, the pair of elderly Russian ladies who just would not shut up during a screening of “The River” at the Walter Reade or the elderly African American woman and her granddaughter who ruined Munich at the BAM for me with their stupid running commentary. But today I nearly came to blows with the guy behind me, who actually threatened me when I told him to be quiet. The first thing I usually do if annoyed by someone is to turn around and give them a dirty look, this guy didn’t get it, so we nearly came to blows, with him asking me to step outside. LOL. I told him after the film I would gladly do just that, and I finally stood up and got into his face and screamed very loudly at him" are you threatening me?". I scared the shit out of him and for the rest of the film there was not a peep from him and his wife. No whispering back and forth, but it was too late, he had ruined the film for me. I hope he rots in movie theatre hell.


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