Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm doing another piece for Broadsided Press. I've done 3 things for them in the past. How it works is that they throw out a poem and various artists do a work illustrating the poem. This time I agreed to do something for the poem that follows and here are some of the "drawings" that I've come up with. It isn't due until May so I have plenty of time. They are all old drawings of mine mostly done in my teen years that I've photoshoped. You can view all the pieces I've done for them at this link. Just go to my bio and click on the titles. Its PDF's.


On the way back from Alamosa I tell you
that I want four children. The radio is playing,
and our hands touch in the dark.

Already this feels like a memory,
too weighted for a simple Sunday night.
Snow falls onto the beams

of the headlights, but inside the car
the air even smells warm, and I have to
unbutton my coat. "Remember the time

I lent you my sweater?" you say,
making our history up to this point
sound rich and expansive

though there is little more than
the sweater and a plastic bowl
melted on the front burner of your stove

while I stirred brownie batter.
"I remember," I say.

-------by Leah Browning


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