Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Art Posted.

Double Dare Press has published 12 pieces of my art in their latest issue. They say that I'm "gifted beyond description." Check it out by scrolling down the pg. till you get to the featured artist link that I've reproduced here so you can easily find it.

Featured Artist Every single time you revisit Ira Joel Haber's work, something else asserts itself. The work is layered and complicated. He blends the familiar with the unattainable, the named object with the shadowed subtext, and invites you to ponder juxtaposition. Why is that image shattered, and that whole? Haber's work complicates your easily retrieved assumptions. Come investigate the world that isn't, yet often is. Come on, we double dare you.

Also just up is a drawing of mine on Events Quarterly


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I strew yr way with jonquils.

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